TASKI swingo 150 E 1stk.

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High mechanical scrubbing action and a pressure ten times higher compared to manual cleaning.Simple and ergonomic operation.Easy cleaning of confined areas, ideal for restaurants, kitchen areas, service stations, or shops , where conventional automatic scrubber driers are simply too heavy and manual
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High mechanical scrubbing action and a pressure ten times higher compared to manual cleaning.Simple and ergonomic operation.Easy cleaning of confined areas, ideal for restaurants, kitchen areas, service stations, or shops , where conventional automatic scrubber driers are simply too heavy and manual cleaning methods do not deliver the required hygienic results.

High mechanical scrubbing action and a pressure ten times higher compared to manual cleaning. Simple and ergonomic operation. Easy cleaning of confined areas, ideal for restaurants, kitchen areas, service stations, or shops , where conventional automatic scrubber driers are simply too heavy and manual cleaning methods do not deliver the required hygienic results.
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